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Insite-Services is one of the most experienced and skilled archaeological fieldwork and topographic survey teams in the UK. We provide

-Watching Briefs

- Written Schemes of investigation

- Archaeological Evaluation

- Walkover Survey

UAV and gps sales

The E384 fixed wing UAV system is an autonomous mapping system used to generate 2D and 3D air photo maps. It can be flown from a laptop using pre programmed waypoints. We use the E384 combined with the 1cm accurate CHC X900+ GPS system to produce highly accurate data. Our fixed wing systems are inherently safe and can glide down safely on zero power. Combined with a long flight time, the event 38 mapping drone can cover large areas of land in a single flight.

Our systems are a cost effective way of obtaining high resolution imagery and maps in near real time. A valuable tool for crop inspection, field mapping, construction, archaeology and forestry. Please see our SHOP for further details.  

construction site GPS setting out

We use our 1cm accurate GPS and base station kit to provide setting out services

Our equipment is suitable for mapping and setting out of 

- Drainage 


-Site Boundaries

- Property dispute resolution


and more